Get Started with Bitcoin Payments today

Get Started with Bitcoin Payments

Get Started with Bitcoin Payments – it can be hard to do it correctly on your own. Sure you can use some third parties that will take your piece of the pie but if you are using third parties that means that you are not completely independent. If your wallet is for example on an exchange that means you do not own those Bitcoin. Exchange does. And if you behave you will get access to it. If you are naughty will get your account blocked and funds taken away from you.
So thinking about proper way to implement Bitcoin payment is a first thing you got to invest in. Here comes Nicolas Dorier.
You heard of Bitpay right? Bitcoin cash supporters and a third party that can accept Bitcoin for you but will also take a cut for themselves, because if you do not know how to do it you got to pay for it.
Now forget about Bitpay. Think of something that is open source, that you 100% control, were you have full nodes both for Bitcoin and Litecoin and where you are your own payment processor for yourself and for others.
Thank you Nicolas and say hello to BTCPay server.

How does BTCPay server makes it easy to get started with Bitcoin payments?

Get Started with Bitcoin PaymentsWhat is easy for some is hard for others. Basically, to be your own payment processor you need to have a server to do it on. And on that server you need to install BTCPay server that will run full Bitcoin and Litecoin node for you in the background, because you will not need anyone else to tell you if the payments are really sent because you will be your own everything. So, you need server, you need BTCpay server installed and you need to know how to install it and run it.
Invest in gaining new knowledge and if you do not know how to do it challenge yourself and try to learn and do it on your own.
Above you can see proof of concept we just did for Barberhsop Djuka ( ).
Link to the store:
It is your own payment everything for Barbershop Djuka that is accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin. You choose your service and fresh invoice pops out. You have 15min to pay the invoice and as soon as your transaction is visible by our node in the mempool it will show as paid.

Start with Bitcoin payments

Can anyone give us few good reasons why you should not start accepting Bitcoin in your company? So we can debunk all of them.
People say: I want the hard cash. You mean soft money? (reference to: The Bitcoin Standard).
Ok, lets assume you want fiat.
We can setup the following for you: JohnDoe can pay 100$ in BTC to you, and you could have Euros in your account within 30minutes!?
Did you know that?
Why are you now not accepting Bitcoin? We thought you wanted Euros and you can have it with Bitcoin. That is the beautiful thing. You can start with Bitcoin payments right now.
All you need to do is contact us and we will guide you step by step.

P.S. You saw that BTCPay invoices are in Croatian right? That is because we did that commit. You are welcome! 🙂

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