Pay for your surf holiday with Bitcoins

Start accepting Bitcoin right now? Why you should do that!

Start accepting Bitcoin, but why should I? You might ask that..

You might raise that question to yourself or to whoever is saying to you that you should embrace the future.
Here are top reasons why you should start accepting Bitcoin in your shop, company or whatever you are doing.

Start accepting BTC
Start accepting BTC this year – best decision you can make for your business, no doubt about it.

Some of the reasons you might want to consider:

  1. Bitcoin is the future, there is no doubt about it.  You should start accepting Bitcoin as soon as possible. This is technology that did not exist before Bitcoin. It is not virtual token that can be printed. It is literately digital gold that cannot be replicated although digital files usually replicate with single click.
  2. Bitcoin is decentralised. This means if you hold on to your keys, there is no person in the world or no government in the world that can take that funds away from you. You can even set it up that those funds cannot be transferred out before 1.1.2020. so even if someone manages to get those keys out of you, Bitcoins are not moving anywhere before 2020. Decentralised means there is no single point of failure. There is no company, no CEO, no single person, single country or any entity for that matter that you can jail, attack, removed to stop Bitcoin. In a way it is just like the Internet.
  3. Bitcoin is censorship resistant. This means that you are able to send P2P your funds to anyone you wish to send. If that person is good or bad it does not matter. Same way goes for accepting. You cannot stop a person from sending or from receiving BTC. Even if person does not have Internet connection and is in the middle of hostile country that made BTC illegal, that person can use satellite dish to receive Bitcoin from the satellite that is circling the earth. This is not a joke, but the satellite is circling the earth broadcasting Bitcoin’s blockchain. How cool is that?
  4. Power move today in the form of accepting bitcoin might be just ordinary and boring move in 5 years. Imagine if you started a webpage today. Would press write about you? Why would they, because every John Doe has a webpage. Same thing might happen with Bitcoin when it goes mainstream. Now you can make proper power move over your competition and take the plunge and go all out and capitalise on all of the media exposure that you will receive. He who dares wins right? Companies like Baleal surf camp are taking advantage of the current time that we are living in and making power moves faster then their competitors. With our guidance and implementation they will be first surf company in whole Portugal to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Now how cool is that? Super cool, right?!
  5. There is limited amount of Bitcoin that will ever be mined. This means, that in 1-2 years time price will be way way higher then it is today. So accepting Bitcoin in your business today is investing in your future and accepting the technology that is currently fringe (not mainstream at all). But Internet was fringe at one point in time..a place where all the criminals and suspicious people could be found – that is what they said at least.
  6. Straight to cash. If you do not plan to keep 1 BTC that you receive from your client for payment XYZ, we can help you implement whole process so that client John Doe sends 1 BTC, and you get EUR/USD on your bank account right away. That way you minimised the risk from the price oscillation while you capitalised on all the buzz that this move has brought for your company. And you get new clients.
  7. No chargebacks. Once paid, John Doe cannot revert that payment. No one in the world can revert it.
  8. Accept BTC payments from across the globe.
  9. From paying to getting paid in minutes. Bitcoin is fast. Person in Japan can buy surf camp in Portugal. Surf camp gets the payment verified in minutes.
  10. No middleman. When you start accepting bitcoin and John Doe pays for surf camp for example, there is no bank, middle man or anyone else involved, it is real peer to peer digital currency. Fiat money will be laughed at in the not that distant future.
  11. Fees? There are no fees except those that goes to miners for their effort that is put into securing the network. Send 10 000$ in minutes for pennies. How much SEPA bank wire from Croatia to EU member state costs? 4 EUR at least. For what? For sending a piece of information. How much does it cost to send someone 2 euros to India? You can hardly grasp the absurdity until you try to do it yourself.


We could go on and on, but there is really no point because at the end of the day you got to do your own research and make your own decision.
All we can do is give our 100% and be perfectionist.
Learn more about Bitcoin by watching this documentaries:

If you watch all of these and still have questions or concerns, then we are one click away or one phone call away. Let’s talk. Start accepting Bitcoin and you will never go back. Trust us on this one.
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