Rapper Will Black accepting Bitcoin thanks to us

Boots on the ground – Bitcoin is now preferred method for Will Black (rapper)

will black
Rapper Will Black accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment – Come Up – you can get snippet of his Come Up joint here.

This guy is cool.
And he gets it.
We met Will Black the rapper in Amsterdam and linked up quickly.
Long story short..when we all went our way..he was setup with Bitcoin as a payment method for his music and future endeavours.
Short snippet of his Come Up can be downloaded from this blog post (see bellow img above).
If you want to get the rest of his music, reach out to him or whatever hit him up on his IG: https://www.instagram.com/willieblackhh
Now you can get it for BTC.Now

All in all…startups like ours..are the real boots on the ground where we talk and help the little guys…street hustlers, performers and mom and pops stores to get into Bitcoin. To start accepting Bitcoin.
Not to get into Bitcoin without knowledge but to really understand it’s potential and what this technology bring to the table.

We are glad that we worked with Will Black.
He is a funny guy, open minded and filled with cheerful spirit.
Now..on to the next one as there is no rest for the wicked.

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