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Portugal Bitcoin – and how we are bootstrapping businesses like Baleal Surf Camp > Peniche, Portugal

Portugal Bitcoin dream surf holiday..man that sounds so good. Weather you are a potential client looking to buy yourself a Portugal Bitcoin dream surfing holiday or maybe you are a business owner looking to start accepting Bitcoin in your company…the bottom result is that you ended up on our blog so let us take this time to tell you what we can do for you and your business.

Let us assume that you are a business – what can we do for you?

portugal bitcoin portugal bitcoin portugal bitcoinAs you can see, working with us puts your company immediately on the map and in Google search results. And not at any position, but look at these amazing results.
You might ask, but what are current results…ok let us see what the current results are today:
portugal bitcoin surfingacNot only just the first result, but first 3 results for the search: surf holiday portugal bitcoin are related to our collaboration with Baleal Surf Camp and us  working for them on their Bitcoin implementation. Portugal Bitcoin scene is about to get heated.
This is what we have been telling to any business not just potential Portugal Bitcoin related one. “You need to get worldwide exposure”. Bitcoin puts you on the map. Do you want to be known as the first company in your country or in your niche to start accepting Bitcoin?
Organic exposure to new potential clients is something that no company should miss out on, weather it be Portugal Bitcoin related one or one in Croatia or in Bali. Makes no difference. You want to be pioneer and trail blazer and we can help you along the way. And not just with Bitcoin. We take your whole business to another level.

Our clients choose us..but why..why CryptoDome?

What did Baleal Surfcamp owner say about CryptoDome now that he is in the centar of Portugal Bitcoin scene, thanks to us:

portugal bitcoin surfing
Really impressed by all your efforts on this! – Bruno Bairros, Baleal Surf Camp Founder & Manager

  • What we lack in knowledge we make up with relentless work ethic and never-ending learning process that improves each day
  • We love Bitcoin
  • We can improve your whole Business, not just the Bitcoin part of it
  • Today it is Portugal Bitcoin surf holiday but tomorrow your business can be featured here
  • We take security really seriously: you will be working with ISO 27001 internal auditor, certified by German TUV
  • Quality control is also important: you will be working with ISO 9001 certified internal auditor
  • You want more certificates? Ok, hold on: Digital Marketing | Social Media Strategy and Implementation | Secure Web Development, Whitehat Security | Application Security Bootcamp Level I, Whitehat Security | Secure Web Development in ASP.NET, Whitehat Security | Secure Web Development in JAVA, Whitehat Security | Introduction to Secure Web Development in Threat Modeling | International IT Risk Seminar | Application Security Training Part I, Whitehat Security
  • We do not rest until we get the perfect results. We really really do not like when we do not get a perfect score but at the end of the day only time we are not happy is when we did not give 100% and that does not happen. We always and we mean ALWAYS go all out with each and every client.

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