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Peniche Bitcoin Portugal: Pay for your surf holiday with BTC

Peniche Bitcoin – buy dream surf holiday and pay with Bitcoin @ Baleal Surf Camp 

Peniche Bitcoin scene is picking up if you ask us. At least for those visionaries like Baleal Surf Camp (
Located north of the Lisbon in a surf mecca named Peniche, Baleal Surf Camp Founder & Manager decided not to have regrets in the future and to establish most direct way of paying between him and his clients. True peer to peer payment system that we all love = Bitcoin, is now his preferred payment option.

Peniche Bitcoin Located 1h north-west from Lisbon, Peniche is a true surf mecca. Currently in Peniche there is only Baleal surf camp that is accepting Bitcoin and Residência Aviz.
So Peniche Bitcoin scene is just starting up.

Celebrating their 25 years in business Baleal surf camp is offering 25% off on their services.


Me and my team are ecstatic because we get to offer Bitcoin and Litecoin payments for both accommodation and surf packages to all our clients. To properly celebrate this and because we surfers are very similar to cypherpunks in spirit, during our current mid-season all our clients that use crypto to pay will receive additional 25% off discount on our packages. That discount is on top of all the current promotions that we have.

This makes us the first Surf camp in Portugal to accept Bitcoin and only among few to do so in the whole world. – Bruno Bairros, Baleal Surf Camp Founder

Peniche Bitcoin surf listing:

There are only two places listed that accept Bitcoin in Peniche and we must say that we are proud to have worked and to work with Baleal Surf Camp to make them part of the digital revolution. They have been online for a very very long time. Their site looks good – makes you want to surf right now. By the very brief looks you get the idea that they do everything like us – 100% and that their success and longevity is not a fluke or accident. In an niche where there are lot of companies offering surf experiences and accommodation, Baleal is truly on top – not just because they are located in Peniche – true surf mecca or because they have their accommodation/school right on the beach. It is because they are detail oriented and because they love what they do.
Those two things propelled them to the top. Peniche Bitcoin move will just push them even further. Mark our words.

What did Baleal Surf Camp Founder & Manager had to say about our work?

Really impressed by all your efforts on this! – Bruno Bairros, Baleal Surf Camp Founder

Peniche Bitcoin Surf Holiday – 25% + 25% off? Are you for real?

Pay for your surf holiday with Bitcoins
Pay for your surf holiday with Bitcoins

Yes we are. We made sure that they add another 25% off on their final price that they are currently quoting to clients if a client is paying with Bitcoin or Litecoin. Make sure you check out how many people accept bitcoin in Peniche in few months because I do not think it will stop at this.
Hyperbitcoinization is happening and people are waking up. It can be Peniche Bitcoin scene or it can be Japan BTC scene, makes no difference as soon everyone will understand that just like the Internet >> accepting Bitcoin is the future.
Baleal Surf Camp can be contacted at: and +351 961 316 204
Their TripAdvisor reviews are off the charts (perfect score):

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