Implement Bitcoin – Put your business on the map

If we implement Bitcoin in your company it means you are on the map

If we implement Bitcoin in your company and nobody in the world knows about it, that is not good.
In the following examples we will try to show you how when we can implement Bitcoin in a company and how we can offer different options and levels of exposure.
First search result you are looking at is for the term: bitcoin surf holiday.
It was searched without quotes “bitcoin surf holiday” so it means words do not have to come in this particular order. ” ” operator searches for the exact phrase, btw.
Optimal result here is that you want your site to be listed No1 for keywords and phrases in question and CryptoDome is listed here as No1 because we are the company behind Baleal Surf Camp’s Bitcoin implementation and we do cover all angles, up and down, left and right.

implement bitcoin
First result for search keywords: bitcoin surf holiday


Going local is important

When in Paris you would search for Paris Bitcoin restaurant or whatever interest you might have. When in Peniche you want to search peniche bitcoin no doubt.
Perfect score is achieved once again = first result.

implement bitcoin
First result for search keywords: peniche bitcoin

Going wide is equally important

implement bitcoin
First result for search keywords: surfing bitcoin portugal

Those that are still in Japan for example but want to surf in Portugal will not search specific place where to spend Bitcoin but whole of portugal so this is one of the reasons why going both narrow and local but as well going wide is very important.

Implement Bitcoin and then what?

You need to let people now. Buzz will come by itself but you need to put in work. Your place needs to show that it is BTC ready weather you have a physical store, website or newsletter..that really makes no difference.
If clients do not know about you how will we pay you with Bitcoin?
Look at that amazing results that we were able to achieve for Baleal surf Bitcoin key phrases? That is impressive, right!?
And we do not stop here..
Book your dream surf holiday with Bitcoin >>

Contact us and see what we can do for your business and how we can put you on the map.
Get back to main blog index or get back to main CryptoDome page but whatever you do now you know that implementing Bitcoin in your company is a must in 2018.

implement bitcoin