Hackers are targeting Bitcoin users

“I want to implement Bitcoin in my business”? Let us guide you each step of the way

Implementing Bitcoin in your business on your own can be very risky.

This is not a script from some movie but a real event.
There is this guy in Austria that just recently lost +100k USD because he was using public WiFi to transfer his Bitcoins? Hm…we would need more info, but let us try to dig into it.

According to Cointelegraph:

An unidentified 36-year-old man who owns a Bitcoin account has lost more than 100,000 euros ($117,000) worth of Bitcoins while he was logged in on a public wireless network in a restaurant in Vienna, Austria

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Bad third parties will use every possible way to get your Bitcoin

This is what happens when you think you know it all but you do not follow proper security procedures (btw. security is hard).
We must assume that any person holding that much money in BTC knows a thing or two about security, about computers about Bitcoin and how you can be tricked. Guess again.
A lot of people just got lucky and are in the same boat as very few security experts that know how to prevent these kinds of attacks.

We must assume that this guy was using an unsafe WiFi. By unsafe we mean either public WiFi or WPA (cracked) or WPA2 (https://www.google.com/search?q=KRACK).
To cut the long story short, what you can do today about this..

Before you start accepting Bitcoin, you need to think a bit about security and how to improve on it. Free security tips:

  1. Use a VPN service (one that does not keep logs)
  2. Use your own WiFi, with your own router that has latest DDWRT or Tomato firmware on it. Routers from your ISP are not an option. Buy a proper router and invest in your own security, today.
    Nowadays you can buy DDWRT preconfigured routers.
  3. Make sure you use proper storage methods for your Bitcoins, and proper security methods for validating all the steps when both receiving as well as sending your precious digital gold.
  4. Make sure you verify certificate of the site you are connecting to and request your service provider to use EV certificates exclusively.
    CryptoDome's TLS certificateOn the left image you can for example see how cert chain looks when you visit CryptoDome.net and only then you can be sure you are on our page and only then you are sure man in the middle attack is not happening.

Combining these 4 things together, will increase the level of your security exponentially. And this is just a drop in the ocean. This is easy. We haven’t yet got to the hard part.

So now that we have scared you a bit, you will ask: how are you then supposed to implement Bitcoin in your company, shop, store, website?
Do not worry, we are here to help you each step of the way.
Bitcoin is not easy the same way sending email was not easy in the 1980s.

With us you can count on that we:

  • are passionate about Bitcoin and spreading our knowledge
  • we go all out until perfection is achieved
  • we stand behind our work and suggestions that we give
  • we will work with you 1 on 1 until we sort out any questions you might have
  • are both ISO 9001 and ISO27001 (German TUV) certificated
  • we love computer security and our certificates show that
  • give you best information possible weather it is a BTC exchange or how to use Bitcoin
  • get the job done

Reach out to right now because we see help your business take it to another level.
Achieving goals while minimising the risks, sounds good right!?

There is too much noise on the Internet and making right decisions can be extremely hard.
Let us guide you – contact us right now.

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