Investor Ian Ballina Hacked – or is it a stunt?

Crypto stolen in a hack or is it just a stunt?

How can one hold this kind of funds and use gmail with a recovery email set to his friend’s email and private keys stored in his…wait for it…wait for it…Evernote.. but, but he playing it safe because he password protected it. What a joke.
We are not familiar with this guy or if he is ICO founder or his work.

What did go wrong here?

Crypto has been hacked - his porfolioWhen you get yourself a Ferrari, do you buy yourself proper tires that go with that car or do you go home and buy bunch of rubber that you melt down and use to try to make your own tires!? This guy refused to use any comercial tires but he decided to make his own. And when he pressed the gas peddle (started flashing his portfolio on twitter), the whole thing fell apart (he got jacked).
I am not even convinced if this is a true story. His Twitter stream is now full of ongoing investigation and such..but again. Never underestimate people’s lack of proper security procedures. Everyone think that this kind of stuff happens to someone else and not to that. Well Ian we hope you get your funds back because stealing is not acceptable. Regardless of what happens, you have learn a lesson so valuable that had to be learned the hard way. But it is learned and that is priceless.

Conclusion – education is priceless

Easy come – easy go.
Only lessons learned the hard way will stick with you.
Ask anyone. Ask that people that put in work and that do. And compare that to those that just talk about how work should be done.
Stay safe out there and do not leave anything to chance.

We are here solutions to exactly these kind of problems. Let us secure your digital funds with proper methods and procedures so that this does not happen to you.
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p.s. Hackers and hacking does not mean what the media portrays it. Even we are at fault sometimes using it improperly. Hacking means exploring, sharing knowledge, taking things apart, improving on things…just so we are on the same page and just so you know that media distorted this word completely from it’s real meaning.