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Bitcoin to EURO – convert received Bitcoin to USD/EUR instantly

Convert Bitcoin to EUR or USD instantly upon confirmation

Bitcoin Euro conversion, we want that. We hear this a lot. Bitcoin is volatile. I want to minimise the potential loss of price going down upon receiving Bitcoin but again I want to start receiving Bitcoin.
People new to Bitcoin and getting on board late might be scared a bit and are not sure what is going on with the price and if the price will eventually go up. They worry that 1000EUR paid to them today, might be 700 EUR tomorrow, if they keep their funds in Bitcoin.

We help you convert payments to EUR/USD instantly

Convert Bitcoin into EUROSOk, so let us run this scenario by you. You are selling surf package as a service, together with accommodation and everything. Two weeks of dream holiday costs exactly 1000 EUR. You somehow want to do Bitcoin to EURO, the proper way, without suspicious third parties and unnecessary fees.
Because John Doe is one smart cookie, he holds Bitcoin and wants to pay for this with BTC. You invoice John Doe for 1000 EUR but in Bitcoin. Client receives payment instructions together with the price tag of 1000 EUR.



Bitcoin convert HRK

Upon seeing an invoice, John Doe looks at it. It is clearly seen that he needs to pay 1000 EUR. He has all the instruction he needs from the expiration date, amount and contact for further instructions. He is even advise on how to calculate best fees for his payment so he optimises his costs (current fees are pennies so that is not that important right now). John Doe gets his Bitcoin ready and verifies the address that he needs to pay to once again while following all the security procedures and finally he pays and sends his Bitcoin.


Bitcoin USD conversionAfter payment has been confirmed and it gets confirmation, merchant has EUR (Bitcoin to EURO conversion has been done) in his account, right away. Not tomorrow or at the end of the day, but right away. The thing is, procedure implemented by CryptoDome avoids all the third parties that take their cut and increase your risk, but cuts down on the number of steps that merchant needs to take. Merchant does not need to do anything from the time client sends BTC and till he gets EUR. Everything happens instantly, securely and without intervention. And without added fees by companies looking to take advantage on those that do not have proper technical knowledge or the right information.
This is why CryptoDome exists – to cut through all this noise for perfect risk free results.

Bitcoin Euro conversion
Eventually you might want to withdraw your EUR/USD to buy a coffee. That is not a problem. Money is there and it is waiting for you.
You accepted Bitcoin, you minimised the volatility because you ended up with 1000 EUR right away, so even if 1000 EUR received today is 700 EUR tomorrow that does not affect you one bit. This is how we can minimise risk for you if this scenario is what you want and if it is suited for your business operation and fits your risk management.

Conclusion on converting Bitcoin to EUR or USD

Volatility can be minimised. You do not need to worry about this because we will guide you each step of the way to configure everything exactly how you want it.
If you want to take more risk, you can hold. If you want to minimise it, we can do the procedure outlined in this article where you convert Bitcoin to EUR/USD right away, without intervention from your end.
Give us a call, email us…see what we can do for you and your business.

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