Bitcoin Zagreb – where to spend your Bitcoins in Zagreb?

Bitcoin Zagreb, Croatia – where to spend your digital gold when in Zagreb?

Bitcoin Zagreb (capital of the Croatia) scene is not on the level where it should be.
We do not have 10 ATMs that accept Bitcoin nor do we have bunch of other products and services that could be exchanged for Bitcoin.
But that does not mean that there are no places in Zagreb where you can spend your Bitcoin.
Places that do accept Bitcoin are truly exceptional, trust us.

No. 1 spot in Zagreb to spend your Bitcoin – Barber Djuka (old school barbershop that is cutting your hair since 1938.)

Barbershop Djuka, Zagreb, Croatia
Schedule your appointment online on their Facebook and pay with Bitcoin when you are there. How cool is that? Online scheduling + Bitcoin? Doesn’t get better then this.

bitcoin zagreb frizer
On the left: Barber Djuka back in the day –

No. 2 spot to spend your Bitcoin Zagreb, Croatia – bravarija Zagreb (ironworks) Martinčić

Ironworks Martincic, Zagreb, Croatia

bitcoin zagreb bravarija
These guys accept Bitcoin for all their iron work –

If you are traveling and happened to be in Zagreb you will not be making iron gates for yourself.
What you need to know about these guys is that they are legit. They are in the business for +60 years and it is amazing to see old school trades and crafts like these to start accepting cutting edge technology like Bitcoin.

What can CryptoDome do for you?

Look at what we did for these two companies. They are on top of their game right now.
Contact us and see what we can do for your business and how we can bring Bitcoin in your business. Ask these two companies how satisfied were they with our services. The last thing you want to do is to have regrets and to look back at the moment when you did not have He who dares – wins type of mentality.

Get back to main blog index or get back to main CryptoDome page but whatever you do you should know that implementing Bitcoin in your company is a must in 2018.
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