Bitcoin price cijena

Bitcoin price – watching the price or putting in work?

Bitcoin price – how are you contributing to the BTC ecosystem?!

Bitcoin price can hypnotise a person and turn him into blockfolio addict. While he is flipping his phone he is not reading, learning, improving, helping others…you are just wasting your time and focusing on some numbers. When the number you are waiting for arrives you still do nothing.
Why are you then wasting your time focusing solely on the Bitcoin price?!
Let us tell you what you can do today to improve yourself and others.

What if Internet had a price tagged to it?

It is a good thing that Internet did not have any price attached to it like Bitcoin does. Because price is the very first thing that people concentrate on. Instead they should be focusing on technology, lightning network, all the BIPs, developers and try to become a part of the community. Bitcoin price watching just turns you into lotto watcher and in reality it sets you back, and your knowledge stops growing. Focusing on the same thing from day to day instead of learning what a private key is, how to use PGP and public key crypto, learning that crypto stands for cryptography…learning entropy..and how larger the entropy is in 128bit vs 127bit..anything outside of just watching the price is good for you and will push you forward.

Bitcoin Price is not improving your knowledge

Why dont you read these books instead:

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking” –  Saifedean Ammous

The Internet of Money” – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

While you are at it you might want to listen to all of these podcasts as well, starting from the very first one:

Of course, Bitcoin is covered there but all other security stuff is covered as well like entropy, rijndael cipher, security, exploits, hashing, bunch of other stuff like PKI and key sizes which is fundamental for you to know if you are interested in Bitcoin.
If that does not interest you, find something that does.

Bitcoin price is irrelevant

Why? Because we are bootstrapping businesses across the globe, regardless of the price. We are spreading the knowledge and setting the information free. Teaching a man how to fish sets him for life. So what we suggest that you could do today is to contact us so we see how we can bootstrap you and your business with Bitcoin,. Because trust us..just Bitcoin price watching is pointless. Unless you are day trader.
We are putting in work and you should do as well.

Worldwide exposure – not related to Bitcoin price

Our clients are people from all walks of life. Some of them are international world known companies and some of them are local barbers. And no, you do not know everything we do…but we might share a bits with you and educated you in the process. Because education is priceless and education doesn’t come with useless OCD bitcoin price watching – trust us on this one.
Anyway, if you hold some, why would you sell now when you know what will happen with Bitcoin price by the end of the year or in next few years!? Hope we are on the same page on this one…

Bitcoin price conclusion

Just watching the price without helping others, learning, teaching others, putting in work will not amount to new you any time soon. If you are not going forward you are going back.
At the end of the day you might end up like that guy that lost his BTC over public WiFi because your opsec was not on point.
Leave nothing to chance.
Knowledge is out there and it is for you to get it.

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bitcoin price cijena