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Bitcoin books: “The Bitcoin standard” author interview

Reading Bitcoin books is a must.
Reading is a must.
That is the most fundamental thing a person can do to improve himself or herself.
So, there is this new book from Saidedean Ammous called: The Bitcoin standard. Apparently it is really good.
You can buy it here: or on Amazon for Kindle or as a regular book.
Bookdepository we like for their free shipping.

Reading Bitcoin books is cool but sometimes watching an interview like this one is also well worth your time.
Some of the stuff this guy says makes sense. People concentrate on How am I going to pay for a meal or a coffee? How am I going to buy a gum using Bitcoin…! We can forget that now we have Lightning Network, even if that was not present Bitcoin is meant to do greater things and because you can build on top of it you end up with things like Lightning Network payments that are instant, so you can get a coffee, but that is really like using a fighter jet to go to neighbouring city.
We have not read the book ourselves but we will.

Bitcoin booksAnother book that is recommended is The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Andreas one of the most recognisable talkers on the topic of Bitcoin. He really puts in work while he travels the globe. This book is really good and will get you thinking.
What are your books that you read recently that are good? When we stumble upon some Bitcoin books that we like we will make sure we post it here on our blog because knowledge needs to be shared.

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