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Barbershop Djuka accepts Bitcoin – Interview

Interview with barber Djuka, owner and CEO of old school barbershop named DJUKA (Zagreb, Croatia)

How did you as a barbershop owner get an idea to start accepting Bitcoin in a business that is very old school and very trade oriented. In a barbershop business where people use phone calls to schedule an appointment and that is about techie as it gets. How did Bitcoin happen?

Barbershop Djuka - start accepting Bitcoin
“Day after we implemented Bitcoin in our barbershop, there he is. Unicorn himself. First client that paid with BTC and we opened something special for that occasion…” Djuka, the owner

To be honest, we the barbershop owners missed more then few technologies in the past. Regrets started to pile up. I did get a phone line when that was more exclusive then Iphone X nowadays. We missed the boat with Internet and webpage revolution and all the social networks, so the logical step would be to have no regrets this time and to go all out. We are so glad that we did that. Because, there is no worst thing then a regret.
Idea came when we were thinking about why do people love us. How can we make them love us more, show them that we are pioneers. Leaders. That we will trail-blaze this time and will ditch the safety blanket that we were clinging on.
And the reactions? OMG, words just cannot paint the picture on how good the Bitcoin has been accepted among our clients.

How satisfied were you with CryptoDome’s approach, starting from the consultation, implementation and at the end us taking on the task of improving your business in multiple directions?

We were more then satisfied. I would rate it 12/10.  I have seen and met a lot of people in my life. People that are detail oriented and that go all out. But this kind of focus, determination and chase for pure perfection is unmatched. We are not techies. But CryptoDome speaks the language that is familiar to us, that we understand. Nothing needs to be repeated twice. All the procedures from security down to cancelation prevention make sense. And what is even more important – they produce results. I would without a single doubt recommend them to anyone for any kind of business or work that they decide to take on. Let me give you non Bitcoin example. They canceled our current ISP (ISKON) provider and canceled their POS device. They brought in a tablet with free android app, loaded up certificates from our CA Fina and we are now in business without paying ridiculous amounts to ISKON, and they did all that in a jiffy? Why no one told us this can be done better like this? Because those that do not know end up paying the price.
Now it is super clear to me, that information is what is most valuable in this day and age.
Information is the king.

How satisfied were you with the price at the end of the day for all the services provided?

Mercedes Benz is not a cheap car.  And CryptoDome’s services are not cheap. But you do get what you pay for. My costs were minimised, business was transformed in a way that we couldn’t dream of. End result exceeded our expectations. People love us even more. I wasn’t sure if that was possible, but it is. People sometimes come to our shop just to hang with us and to talk to us.
This has thought us that the most valuable service or product is not physical but it is one embedded in the neurons of those that are real prodigies and I consider CryptoDome team exactly that.
To conclude the answer: if the price was 2x of what it was, would not matter to us, because when I saw how they conduct themselves and how they operate I told CryptoDome that price is not an object, we want the final results to be perfect and they have provided exactly that.

Barbershop Djuka Zagreb
Right: Djuka (back in the day) when old school barbershop look was a normal look.
Left: today. Guy traveled via time machine just to have a cut done by us.

Let’s keep this nice and short. Final thoughts?

I recommend CryptoDome fully. I will be in their debt forever. They went an extra mile with us, beyond my wildest expectations and they are now part of our family, make no mistake about it.
Give them a call, see what they can do for you.
Working hard and working smart is the new moto.
Just working hard is not taking you to vacations any time soon, so take our advise and implement Bitcoin and have CryptoDome do it for you. Be smart.
See you in my barbershop.
I am out!

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