Frizer djuka prihvaca bitcoine

Barbershop “Djuka” has implemented Bitcoin

You might think that old school trades like barbershops wouldn’t want anything to do with something digital or even digital money…well you would be wrong.
This is a short story on how CryptoDome Group in 2017. did a complete digital business makeover for barbershop Djuka.

We implemented online scheduling/orders where each person can schedule its Booking directly from Facebook - Barber Djukaown time slot. Visiting and clicking on BOOK now you can book your slot. Of course, no phone and proper info, and slot will be removed. We know what we are doing and bots prevention is in place.

After doing this part we proceeded to implementing Bitcoin in their workflow. Coming from traditional trade like one barber might come, this is space age stuff. But it is space age for anyone not just for barbers. Proper 1 on 1 work, together with putting security procedures in place allowed us to finalise with PR announcement that was enormous. TV stations started calling, portals, journalists, you name it. Part of our media plan, as we got full control of it was that we cAccepting Bitcoins in Barbershop Djukaconcentrate on what Djuka does best and we do not lose any time with giving interviews or such. You want an interview? Sure, come and get a haircut and we will chat you up. Until we decide that our time and time of our clients is more valuable then when they are doing what they do best – then we accept it and go with it.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. We created the FB page, handled the whole marketing campaign and promotion with A/B testing which translates today to 2676 likes.
And their clients are so loyal that I cannot put that into writing. When BTC fees were high, people were paying 10$ fees for 7$ haircuts.
This is what happens when you implement Bitcoin in cool barbershop. You get people to show up and they show love.
Frizer Djuka was amazing client and we are still working with them. Hair is being cut on that very same location since 1938. Can’t get cooler then that.
Go check them out:
Address: Vranovina 11, Zagreb, Croatia

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