Accommodation Amsterdam Bitcoin

Accommodation Amsterdam Bitcoin. These 3 words are literally music to our ears. But the question is..when you visit probably search Booking Airbnb Hostels and all other sites to see where is the place for you to stay. You never even thought of the fact that you could be renting a luxurious apartment with a fireplace. Not for Euros, but for Bitcoin. That is the future and it puts smile on our faces.
So now, to stop talking intro and tell you what you can get for your Bitcoin in Amsterdam, we turn on the page and go to the next chapter.

B&B Roeloft Amsterdam – Ed is the man

When you visit Ed’s luxurious apartment at your jaw will drop. We are serious. Not only are you in the center of the city (9min from the Van Gogh museum), but you will get to enjoy pure luxury. Pure luxury that this Accommodation Amsterdam Bitcoin adventure will provide. Check this out, what we are talking about:

Accommodation Amsterdam Bitcoin
Someone holding Bitcoin can claim this pad his/hers..! Pure luxury. Let’s get that fireplace going..
Accommodation Amsterdam Bitcoin
Who said that when you look for a place to stay in Amsterdam you need Euros? All you need is Bitcoin / BTC. Accommodation in Amsterdam paid with Bitcoin. Does not get any better then this.
Accommodation Amsterdam Bitcoin
By the bathroom you recognize the level of luxury of each apartment or house. And this speaks for itself.

How to make a booking with Bitcoin for this accommodation in Amsterdam right now?

In order to cut out the middle man, for you to get the best price, to use your Bitcoin, to support the people supporting it..all you need to do is contact Ed. His contact details are as following: Ed
Everything after that will be smooth ride where you will arrange payment and upon your arrival..Ed will treat you like a kind. We are serious. That is what this guy is all about. Before you leave this beautiful city not only you would have paid for your accommodation with Bitcoin in Amsterdam but you will have one more friend. We are serious.
They are proudly listed on as well:


Make sure you make good use of the info we have provided here. Email Ed. Enquire about his place, about Bitcoin and whatever you do…do not sleep late as Amsterdam awaits you with open arms..

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