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We are a crypto consulting startup providing: Bitcoin implementation as a form of payment; consulting while investing (where to buy Bitcoins, how to store them safely, etc). We follow the latest security procedures that minimize risk while transacting or when just plain holding Bitcoins.

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Want to implement Bitcoin as a form of payment?

Whether you are investing in Bitcoins or you want to implement Bitcoins or Litecoin as a form of payment in your company - we do everything for you. Minimizing risks by following the latest security procedures with up to date information - producing perfect end results. Received cryptocurrency could be held or you could convert to EUR/HRK instantly, options are endless.

Our services

Services we provide:

Safely investing in Bitcoin & crypto

Consultation and guidance while buying crypto and storing them properly without the risk.

Implement BTC in your company

Implement Bitcoin and do business worldwide, no delays, no middleman, no censorship.

Up to date information

Answers to thousands of different questions. Never fall behind on the latest.

Made with Love in Croatia

We love Bitcoin. We do this without holding back, providing 100% guarantee on our work.

We are sharing our knowledge

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You wish to talk to us? Great! Give us a call, send us an email and we will get back to you without any delay 24/7. Bitcoin does not know of any off days.